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New to B.A.S.E Jumping?
Different to skydiving, BASE jumping is the activity of hurtling yourself of fixed objects, experiencing the overwhelming pull of gravity, with only one parachute on your back to break your fall.

B.A.S.E. is an acronym which stands for B(uildings) A(ntennas) (S)pan (E)arth.
B.A.S.E. jumping is a highly technical and demanding sport, which can result in serious injury or death.

FOOTLOOSE in AFRICA is the ultimate 49 day SKYDIVING & BASE JUMPING Roadtrip Boogie. It’s a truly African Human Flight adventure. Do you like the thrills of travelling, skydiving, BASE jumping and extraordinary entertainment? Then you have come to the right place. Apply, be one of the 8 man team/crew, selected from all over the world to experience the aerial thrills of Africa, while filming and being filmed. Get a feel for the African lifestyle. Be part of the first Webseries of its kind.

Nicholas Louw

Timo Roemer

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The Boogie:
Whether you are a skydiver, BASE jumper, do Wi-BASE or are just a fanatic of human flight. This is the adventure boogie you have been waiting for. 49 days of travelling around southern Africa, visiting the most scenic and beautiful destinations, staying at the most awesome backpackers, jumping at 9+ dropzones, launch yourself from balloons, helicopters & paragliders, land on beaches, explore endless BASE and WI-BASE exits (including 70m-216m bridges, 100-500m cliffs, high antennas and awesome buildings . And if that was not intense enough, FOOTLOOSE in AFRICA explores a whole range of adventurous activities. These endeavors include shark cage diving, bungee jumping, rally racing, paragliding, speedflying, surfing, witnessing the beautiful wildlife and whatever else fun comes along the way. No journey is better associated with excitement, adrenaline and adventure other than FOOTLOOSE IN AFRICA - THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP BOOGIE The Boogie officially commences on the 1st March 2012.

Launching June 2012, the ‘FOOTLOOSE IN AFRICA - THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP BOOGIE’ web series is a new and independent approach to providing entertainment. No rules to be adhered to, as is the case with established broadcasting corporations. We are using the newest DSLR HD filming technologies and editing techniques, including the latest in remote controlled flying video platforms (OCTOCOPTER), to bring you  awesome and breathtaking footage of roadtripping, skydiving, BASE jumping,  and a whole lot more, in an all-round new and exciting adventure Web Series.

Witness this web documentary series like no other, with stunning cinematography, action packed and daring undertakings, skydiving, BASE jumping, meet the 8 characters and their view on life, relate to their experiences, see Africa, the dropzones, the cultures, the other jumpers, the wildlife and anything and everything else that rocks along the way.

Get a feel for the beauty of life.
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